Become a Partner

To become a Partner means you are ready to start a Safe Routes to School Program at your K-8 school in Vermont, or you would like to be recognized for the current Safe Route to School Program  you currently have going on at your school.


All schools who become Partners and complete Basic level requirements will recieve a Partner Resource CD containing tools to help build a meaningful and sustainable SRTS program. Click here to view the CD's content


To Become a Partner you must register with the Resource Center by filling out a Partner Enrollment Form.  You can do so one of two ways!

  1. You can download this paper form, fill it out with the information and e-mail, fax or mail the form to the Resource Center.  All of the contact information is located on the form.  It is required to have your Principal sign the form.  This means your Principal agrees to support the SRTS effort and the idea of children at school walking or biking safely.  If you do not have safe facilities, we may be able to provide you with ideas on how students can walk at school.  You can still fill out the form and talk to the Resource Center to get more details on how this could work at your school.
  2. We also have a electronic form online, you can find here.



If you have any questions, please contact Abby Mattera at 802-598-8651 or to answer all of your questions.