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Private / Nonprofit Organizations / Parents or Community Members
Many local businesses and organizations support SRTS by participating in events, providing snacks or beverages for walk to school days, or helping to spread the word of SRTS. See the list of Friend Organizations below to see who is already helping out in your community.

Person at a booth talking about safe routes to school

Here are some ways that you can support SRTS:

  • Include a statement of support and link to the Vermont SRTS program on your website
  • Participate in joint promotion activities
  • Volunteer to shovel sidewalks on walking routes during winter months
  • Include SRTS as an agenda topic at your conference or meeting
  • Serve as a team member on a school travel plan team
  • Provide in-kind assistance or tangible resources to the local school program (e.g. grocery store providing bananas for Walk to School Day)
  • Sign up with your school to be a School Champion

Support schools in your town with their SRTS program. Many of you have assisted schools in your town or region with creating school travel plans, providing law enforcement staff to help with events, maintaining crosswalks or keeping pathways clear for students walking and biking to school. 

A crossing guard helps students cross at the crosswalk

Here are some ways that you can help:

  • Help schools develop and update travel plans
  • Ensure crosswalks and school zone signs are up to date
  • Ask schools in your district about challenges with students walking or bicycling to school
  • Engage law enforcement or other municipal staff to assist with walk to school events or to patrol during arrival and dismissal periods

To learn more, reach out to the schools in your community to learn how you can support their program. 


Safe Routes to School Friend Organizations

The following organizations have supported Safe Routes to School programs or have similar or overlapping missions.