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School Partner Program

The School Partner Program is a way to track a school’s progress in developing a robust SRTS program. Schools often begin with holding a walking and/or biking event and then add other activities, such as teaching walking and biking curriculum, conducting a walk audit, holding a bike rodeo, and running an enforcement campaign.

Schools complete progress reports annually (or when they are ready to move up a level) to receive recognition of their advancement.

Chart listing partnership levels and activities

Bronze Level

Silver Level

Gold Level

  • Offer walking/biking curriculum (see Teaching Walking and Biking Safety MiniGuide)
  • Create a travel plan (see Travel Plan MiniGuide)
  • Run an enforcement campaign (see Safety and Enforcement MiniGuide)
  • Collect parent surveys (see Measuring Success MiniGuide)
  • Obtain formal school support (through activities such as designating a PTO position for SRTS, incoroporating SRTS duties into staff job description, setting aside annual funding, etc.)
  • Hold regular events (such as regular walking school bus or bike train, monthly events, etc.)

Platinum Level

  • Provide walking and biking curriculum for all students (see Teaching Walking and Biking Safety MiniGuide)
  • Publish travel plan on school or municipal website
  • Either include students in planning OR share success nationally (through media outlets, SRTS National Center, etc.)
  • Integrate SRTS activities into school reward system (such as offering pizza party annually for classroom winning mileage contest)
  • School staff participation
  • Formalized inclusion of municipal staff in SRTS planning and programming (see Working with the Community MiniGuide)